D'Soft Accounts

DSoft Account 19.1 is now available

1. Finacial Year & Number formats based on country (Africa, America, India etc..)

2. Reports are generated in PDF like Format. any page can be printed etc..

3. Automatic Update using internet.

4. This application is used in Windows 7 and above Operating Systems.

Installing DSoft Account

Download the prerequisits before isntalling DSoft Accounts Check the Operating system for 32 bit or 64 bit Operating system before installing. To Check the OS, Right Click on My Computer and select properties. If the Operating system is Windows 7 then check whether it is in Service Pack 1 or higher. if the Service Pack is not specified then install 32 bit (563 MB) & 64 bit (947 MB) otherwise not required

Install the prerequisites before installing DSoft Account

1. Microsoft .net Framework 4.5 32 & 64 bits (65 MB)

2. Crystel Report Runtime 32 bit (97 MB) If the Crystel Report Shows error (Registration Error) Abort the installation and reinstall after installing the VC++ 2015 runtime may require a system restart32 bit (13 MB)

3. Sqlserver Local DB32 bit (30 MB) & 64 bit (36 MB)

DSoft Accounts 19.1 32 & 64 bits (14 MB) download the Installation file and double click on the file. Try to install the program in any Drive other than C Drive.

Offline update DSoft Accounts 19.1 (2.86 MB) Download & extract the zip file and copy the content to the installation folder.

DSoft Account 12.0 (old Version)

To Install a freh copy of the DSoft accounts Click here (12.7 MB) to download the Installation program .

To Update previous version of DSoft Account 12.0 (Updated with Year Closing program) click here (368 KB) to Download the zip file and  extract to the Accounts installation folder (eg: C:\Program Files\D'Soft Accounts 9.0)  where you can find an application AccountingX.0.exe   The file name of the new updated application is accounting12.0.exe, Remove the existing short cut and create a new short cut with new program (accounting12.0.exe)